QOCA Wireless Digital Stethoscope
QOCA Wireless Digital Stethoscope: Integrating Electronic Auscultation and Single-Lead ECG Measurement Functions

The QOCA wireless digital stethoscope combines electronic auscultation capabilities with the ability to perform single-lead ECG measurements. It is designed to collect and amplify sound amplitudes of the heart, lungs, arteries, veins, and internal organs within a user-defined audio frequency range. Additionally, it can conduct single-lead ECG measurements of the heart.

This product is intended solely for aiding in medical diagnosis. Extracted audio and ECG signals are wirelessly transmitted via Bluetooth to a dedicated application, allowing for data display, storage, and recording. The product is suitable for use in clinics or hospitals, and should be operated by trained medical professionals for adult auscultation purposes.
Product description

Multi-purpose Stethoscope

Digital Stethoscope and EKG

Sound Amplification

Digitized Data Available

Wireless Listening

Mobile App Support


Audio sample rate
8000 Hz

Frequency response 20 Hz ~1000 Hz

Diaphragm (100-500 Hz)

Bell (20-200 Hz)

Extended (20-1000 Hz)

Sound volume Up to 24x amplification

Diaphragm Replaceable floating diaphragm

ECG Dry electrode, 1-lead, sampling rate 256Hz

Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0

Battery life 3-hour continuous recording

Record time 30s per measurement

Recording mode Event recording (on demand)

12-hour recording

Weight 100g

Cleaning with 75% alcohol

Scenario I - Isolated Patients
Scenario II - Healthcare
Scenario III - Teaching